Naughty Gossip claims sales of Coach bags have increased by 50% since the company hired Selena Gomez to front their new ad campaign

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban will all appear during a 60th anniversary Grammys special on November 24th on CBS. The show will feature performances and interviews. claims Selena Gomez is thinking about marrying The Weeknd. A source tells the site; “Selena has been doing a little bite of research and leaving pages open on her laptop for Abel to ‘accidentally’ find when she’s not around. Her laptop is also apparently full of Pinterest pages about engagement rings that she constantly leaves open, in the hopes that boyfriend [will] take a hint. This [relationship] is the first time a potential marriage and children has been a thought as something serious in Selena’s mind, and she would fully consider and expects The Weeknd to be her man for the rest of her life.”

Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch tells Bang Showbiz that he wants to turn her life into a musical. ”Yes, I would like to see a musical on her life. It is a great story to be told. Some of the documentaries that have come out before haven’t even touched the surface. There is so much more of Amy for people to see and it is our job to make sure that people see what Amy was really like.”

Pink tells Stellar magazine that she was once jealous of Britney Spears. ”I remember when I was, like, 22 or 23… maybe Britney [Spears] had come out and shot to No. 1 and I was having a jealous moment. Someone around me said, ‘The coolest part about all of this is you guys can all win. Everybody can win.’ And that’s really stuck with me, because it changed the course of my life. It changed my attitude about people. I realized there was another option: I could be truly happy for other women. And I am. I really, really am. I feel when one wins, we all win.”

Niall Horan tells Shortlist magazine that he always enjoyed meeting the Obamas when he was with One Direction. “I’d always get a kiss and a hug from Michelle Obama. We [One Direction] would always play Washington on tour, and the Obamas would visit. They would come in these huge convoys with thick, bulletproof windows. I can’t imagine living like that, but they were lovely.”

Kelly Clarkson tells Variety magazine that she likes The Voice better than American Idol because you mentor more on The Voice. “On ‘Idol,’ you can’t really have a relationship. And I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships. I hope I’m a little bit like Simon Cowell. For the most part, I love his honesty. This is not a nice industry. People think I am going to be super nice all the time. I am nice. But I also want to keep it real.”

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