Helen Mirren tells The Hollywood Reporter that she would like to play Donald Trump. “I’d be so funny as Trump. I love it. I’ve almost got the hair! I mean what a fascinating character. What an extraordinary character. I mean that’s a character isn’t it, the real thing? I would say real life is so much more interesting than anything you can make up, you know. But you know, a fantastic sort of slightly Shakespearean character. He may have a Shakespearean fall, I don’t know, but you know, he is an extraordinary character.”

She adds: “I don’t think [his psychology] would be too difficult to penetrate quite honestly. You look at the upbringing. You look at the schooling, the father, the mother. I don’t know much about Trump’s background, but if I was to play him, I would definitely start there. You have to start with the child, and the child is very much in Trump.”

”This Is Us” star Mandy Moore tells Entertainment Tonight that she and Taylor Goldsmith plan to marry at home. “We want to have a friend officiate. So, feeling that connection with our friends, and our friend group, and having them feel a part of it. I think I want to maybe do it at our home, like, do it very privately. And other than that, maybe have music! I want music to have an important thread throughout. Find a way to incorporate Taylor [Goldsmith], or some of our musician friends, or something. So make it feel very much like us. A slightly more elevated house party, nothing fancy.”

Will Ferrell tells Cinema Blend that he forces his children to watch his movie Elf during the holiday season. ”I think it’s always chaotic. There’s a lot of screaming and yelling and complaining as to when they get to open their presents. And then it’s a mad—I think they each get way too many presents each. We have three boys. And they are opened in 12 minutes. Then, [sarcastically] yeah I force them to watch Elf, 10 times. Ten straight times. It’s a marathon, yeah. And then you get to open a present. ”

Mark Wahlberg tells NBC that people always mistake him for Matt Damon. “He gets recognized for me and I get recognized as him but I never tell people. I never correct anybody. Somebody comes up to me and says, ‘I loved you in ‘Bourne Identity’, I say ‘Thank you, I got another coming out soon’ and I just keep going. I don’t want to have to apologize then start explaining. Don’t want to think I’m offended, I’m not offended at all.”

TMZ claims Shaquille O’Neal spent $1 million on his daughter Mimi’s Sweet 16 party on Saturday night. He rented out the rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood before giving her a new Mercedes-Benz. Rapper YG performed.

Radar Online claims Chris Pratt is jealous of Anna Faris’s new boyfriend Michael Barrett. A source tells the site; “He’s jealous as hell, however he sugarcoats it. This isn’t just the mother of his kid, it’s his soulmate. So of course it burns like hell seeing her move on with another guy so soon. Pratt’s Googling all the photos and bios he can find of this guy and finding it deeply stressful that the guy’s getting intimate with the love of his life. Chris only has himself to blame in many ways,” the insider added. “It’s a classic case of not knowing what you have until it’s gone.”

Naughty Gossip claims Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston are no longer as close as they once were. A source tells the site; “Everyone is on team Jennifer. “Chelsea didn’t realize that all her A-LIST friends came because of Jennifer. Now that Jen has dumped her, so has everyone else. The real reason her show is getting cancelled is because A-LIST Hollywood is boycotting her. Chelsea has lost her career and her friends, thanks to Jen. It is really sad but Aniston power in LA is massive. Chelsea messed with the wrong lady.”

Bryan Cranston tells the BBC that he doesn’t think Kevin Spacey will work again because of his molestation allegations. ”He’s a phenomenal actor but he’s not a very good person. His career now I think is over. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s almost animalistic. It’s a form of bullying. It’s a form of control. It’s almost always done to young vulnerable men and women who are starting their career. That sort of experience goes unchecked until something like this happens. The pillars of what was are falling. Everything is being exposed. Women and men should not have to tolerate misbehavior just because of their youth and inexperience. The silver lining is we’re not accepting behavior like that just because it’s the way it’s always been.”

Business Insider claims Netflix has canceled Louis CK’s stand-up comedy special because of his alleged sexual misconduct. Netflix released a statement saying; “The allegations made by several women in The New York Times about Louis C.K.’s behavior are disturbing. Louis’s unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with female colleagues has led us to decide not to produce a second stand up special, as had been planned.”

The Wrap claims Universal Pictures has dropped Louis CK from ”The Secret of Life of Pets 2”. A new actor is going to voice Max the Terrier.

The NY Post claims Gal Gadot is refusing to sign on for ”Wonder Woman 2” until Warner Brothers fires alleged sexual harasser Brett Ratner. Ratner’s company help produced ”Wonder Woman”, which grossed $400 million internationally. A source tells the paper; “Brett made a lot of money from the success of ‘Wonder Woman,’ thanks to his company having helped finance the first movie. Now Gadot is saying she won’t sign for the sequel unless Warner Bros. buys Brett out [of his financing deal] and gets rid of him. She’s tough and stands by her principles. She also knows the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner is in the wallet. She also knows that Warner Bros. has to side with her on this issue as it develops. They can’t have a movie rooted in women’s empowerment being part-financed by a man ­accused of sexual misconduct against women.”

Ace Showbiz claims Star Trek star George Takei is denying he assaulted a male model in the 1980s. He tweeted; “Friends, I’m writing to respond to the accusations made by Scott R. Bruton. I want to assure you all that I am as shocked and bewildered at these claims as you must feel reading them. The events he describes back in the 1980s simply did not occur, and I do not know why he has claimed them now. I have wracked my brain to ask if I remember Mr. Brunton, and I cannot say I do. But I do take these claims very seriously, and I wanted to provide my response thoughtfully and not out of the moment.”

Ace Showbiz claims that during a Howard Stern interview, Takei was asked about grabbing men. The site quotes him as saying; “Some people are kind of skittish or maybe afraid and you’re trying to persuade. It was either in my home – he came to my home. But it didn’t involve power over the other.”

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