INSTANT PHONER: Labor Day Weekend is almost here.

Survey: “What dirty secrets do you know about your boss? Has one of their secrets ever been exposed? What happened?”

Hurricane Harvey Trending …
– The NY Post claims 40,000 homes in the Houston-area have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey .
– The NY Daily News claims the Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur, Texas has flooded. People were seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey there
– Perez Hilton claims Rachael Ray’s foundation has donated $1 million to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey flooding.
– The Miami Herald claims Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation has donated $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief


Trending …
– The NY Post claims Frito-Lay is selling organic Doritos and Cheetos. The snacks are made without any artificial ingredients
– Business Insider claims Mercedes-Benz has created a new, self-driving electric Smart Car. It will debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
– People magazine claims Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet is dating a pediatric nurse from Kansas city named Lindsay Schweitzer. They met during a charity event.
– Food & Wine magazine claims Candy Corn Peeps and Pumpkin Spice Latte Peeps will soon hit store shelves
– Elite Daily claims Auntie Annie’s will begin selling Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggetson September 11th. An order costs $3.89
– Business Insider claims an Italian food theme park is set to open in Bologna, Italy in November. Eataly World will feature 36 restaurants, an Italian Market and several multimedia experiences.

– Lavar Ball’s new reality series
will premiere on Facebook on August 31st


Cat Survives 100-Mile Ride: WCVB claims a kitten recently survived a 100-mile trip from Massachusetts to Connecticut. Paul Zine’s car was being repaired when a service manager asked him if he had a cat.

Paul told the TV station: “The service manager comes to me and says, ‘Do you have a cat?’ I said, ‘No. I don’t have a cat.’ He says, ‘Does your neighbor have a cat?’ Then I was confused. You’ve got to figure that, 105 miles at highway speed. That little thing was in my engine compartment.”

The mechanic took the cat home

Survey: “Has your cat ever used one of its 9 lives? If so, what happened?”





What Women Like

A new survey by Elliptical Reviews reveals that 52% of women like tattoos on men. Other findings:

23% of women dislike tattoos on men.

50% of women dislike men, who tattoo their face.

48% of women dislike men, who have a lip ring

61% of women dislike a man, who has a nose ring

51% of women dislike man buns








Bad Grammar Survey

A new survey by reveals that 73% of teachers say social media and texting are bad for grammar and spelling. Other findings;

– 50% of teachers use the grammar they find on social media and texting to better understand their students

– 32% of teachers say their students struggle with grammar

– 75% of teachers are bothered by students who use slang or text speak when doing their homework

Back to School Shopping Survey

A new survey by RetailMeNot reveals that 90% of parents get stressed when back to school shopping. Other findings:

– 50% of parents are concerned about how much money they have to spend on back-to-school shopping.

– 43% of parents stress when trying to find the best deals

– 33% of parents stress when trying to set up a back to school budget

– 48% of parents dislike dealing with back to school shopping crowds.

6 Worst Travel Pet Peeves according to a new survey by Skyscanner .. perfect with Labor Day traveling here

Stinky Travellers – 30%

Seat Kickers – 27%

Maximum Recliners – 17%

Armrest Hogs – 9%

The Impatient Flyer – 7%

Loud Travelers – 7%

Other – 3%





Dear Fonseca:

I am scheduled to give birth on Labor Day. The father of my child has been virtually nonexistent throughout my pregnancy. A month after I got pregnant I met a wonderful man, who has stuck by my side even though the child I am carrying is not his. The father of my soon-to-be-born baby wants to be in the delivery room on Monday. I have already told my boyfriend that he can be in the room. I don’t know if I should allow my child’s father in the room with us. On one hand, he is our son’s father On the other hand, I don’t know if he really cares or is trying to one-up my man. What would you do if you were me?

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