Paddy Power is out with their list of odds for the Academy Awards Best Pic La La Land 1/7 Moonlight 13/2 Manchester by the Sea 12/1 Hidden Figures 12/1 Lion 60/1 Fences 66/1 Hacksaw Ridge 66/1 Arrival 100/1 Hell or High Water 100/1 Best Actor Casey Affleck - Manchester by the Sea 4/7 Denzel Washington - Fences 5/4 Ryan Gosling - La La Land 11/1 Andrew Garfield - Hacksaw Ridge 33/1 Viggo Mortensen - Captain Fantastic 80/1 Best Actress Emma Stone - La La Land 1/6 Natal...


headerGOSSIP-774783 claims Calista Flockhart wants Harrison Ford to stop flyingfollowing his near-miss plane crash earlier this week. A source tells the site: “She’s been freaking out since his latest flying debacle. She gets worried sick every time he pilots a plane and he flies all the time. Calista has been begging her hubby to stay out of the cockpit and retire from flying. She says her heart worries every time he sits behind the controls of a plane. She has been pleading with him to let it go...


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The Daily Mirror claims Meryl Streep has increased her personal security because Donald Trump supporters are threatening her. A source tells the paper that his supporters do not like the outspoken comments she has been making about him. “Meryl had guards around her at all times - her safety is the utmost importance. She knows not everybody shares her sentiments and there have been some extreme reactions to what she has said, but she is determined to continue to speak her mind.” Rachel Lindsey...


Vulture magazine claims ABC is going to cast current Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsey as the next Bachelorette. She will become the first African-American Bachelorette in the history of the show. Rachel is a 31 year-old lawyer from Texas. claims ABC had 33 combined seasons of white bachelors and bachelorettes Rachel Fast Facts Cosmo magazine claims Rachel attended the University of Texas where she graduated with a degree in kinesiology and sports management. She...


CLICK TO READ TODAYS GOSSIP claims NBC wants Kelly Clarkson and JLo as judges if they reboot American Idol. A source tells the site: “NBC and Freemantle want Kelly Clarkson, to be a part of the show. Minus the obvious reasons surrounding her Idol past, they feel Kelly would be a great judge. It would be a dream come true for producers to have her join Jennifer Lopez. They want to really make a splash upon the inevitable return.” claims is going to begin matching singles with Wal...